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Why Cleanse With Oil

Most likely, you have heard about the oil cleaning method at one time or another. You might have even heard that you shouldn't use oil on your face. Confusion.

"Yes, even oily skin can be cleansed with oil cleansers.". This method teaches that oil dissolves oil. Like for like, you remove all dirt and oil from your face and replace it with fresh, clean nourishing oil. They're gentle on sensitive skin, redness, rosacea, and blemish-prone skin. They cause minimal irritation. Gentle, yet powerful, oils enhance skin texture, anti-aging, and hydration.

Oil-free cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it unbalanced, which will make your skin produce more oil. This can lead to breakouts. Using oil cleansers will not strip the skin of its natural oils, so it won't feel imbalanced or thirsty. You shouldn't feel tight and dry after washing your face, and cleaning with oil can completely support your skin's natital PH balance. We have something called the "Acid Mantle" that protects our skin against bacteria, dryness and irritation, and removing it can actually lead to breakouts and a whole host of other skin problems. Cleansing oils contain hydrating and soothing ingredients, which make them less irritating than some traditional cleansers. It seems counterintuitive, but oil cleansing is becoming increasingly popular and frequently available in drugstores.

Does oil clog my pores?

When you use the right oil for your skin oil cleansing will actually clear out clogged pores rather than clogging them. Some oils can cause irritation or an allergic reaction so be sure to spot test oils on your face before diving in completely.

Best oils for cleansing with

  • olive oil – rich in vitamins and minerals

  • castor oil – antibacterial but can also be drying

  • jojoba oil – great for acne prone skin

  • avocado oil – super hydrating

  • safflower seed oil – helps prevent dry, flaking skin. Great for eczema.

  • sunflower seed oil – anti-inflammatory

  • apricot kernel oil – great for dry, sensitive skin

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