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Skincare is self-love

I know first hand the powerful connection between loving your skin and loving yourself. Skincare for me used to be an idle process, quick wash with soap and water then any cream will do to moisturise, that was my routine. For me personally, learning to love my skin and discovering Earth Beauty products went hand in hand. After studying skincare and product formulating course's it taught me the importance of my skin type and how to take care of it. Our rising routine gives us time to mentally prepare for the day, also that little bit of time just before bed is the perfect chance to reflect. Being in front of the mirror during this is a good time to start looking at self and truly ‘seeing’ yourself, beginning to recognise your value. Remember, from our skin to our mind, every part of our being is interconnected. So those few minutes away from your busy day could be also a great way to talk positively to self. My skincare routine became my treat time as a ritual to enhance love for myself. When you do your skin care routine, you’re usually alone, in your bathroom or somewhere quiet, and it’s just you and the mirror, this now became my affirmation time. There’s something slightly meditative about just sitting there taking some time out just for you. Self-care goes way beyond things like skin care, I think that skin care is an easy step into the doorway of practicing much bigger self-care acts, like going to yoga or finding things that you love to do; something that gives you the space to get away. And if that happens to be skin care, then more power to you.

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