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Skin routines

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

What’s your skin type?

Make it a point to cleanse, tone, moisturise once a week, and scrub and mask once a week. Consistency is key when it comes to glowing, healthy skin. You should keep in mind that the best skin care product is the one you use the most and that works for your skin. Don't follow trends. Always read ingredients labels, even if you're initially alarmed by semi-unpronounceable words. Why do ingredients labels have to be so complicated? Never be afraid to become an ingredient detective - if in doubt, check it out! The ingredients are listed in descending order of those with the highest amounts first.

Every skin type is different. Knowing and understanding your skin type or types is one of the most important things you can do for it. Additionally, it is important to note that different types change over time and through different seasons. You could compromise your skin's natural balance if you're unaware or misinformed, causing irritation, breakouts, and premature aging. As your skin ages, its needs change, so should your skincare products.

Although we may wish for instant gratification. You have to be patient. Beautiful glowing skin requires more than just an expensive face serum. It takes time to see the results.

I will share how I have been treating my skin lately. There are times when I skip steps usually due to a busy week, but I try my best to do the minimum daily cleanse, tone, moisturise. I cleanse twice a day with tea tree oil cleanser. I knew I had begun to understand my skin's needs once I tried oil cleansing for the first time. Oil cleansing make my skin feel fresh, I have no tight dry feeling I normally get when washing with soap; which is just to harsh for my face. Having an oily tea zone I thought the trick would be to dry-out my skin with soap to prevent the over production of sebum. Oh no was I wrong. By cleaning with oil I was actually able to balance my natural sebum production. Based on the theory that oil dissolves oil, oil cleansing is highly recommended for removing make-up, grime, and sebum without altering the skin's pH balance. Toning with a restore elixir is an important step for me since I often use hair products around my hairline, which can result in pus-filled whiteheads across my forehead. My oily to combination skin becomes especially oily before the end of the day when the temperature rises, no matter what moisturiser I use. Not moisturising left my nose and lower cheeks dry and flaky. I found that oil cleansers corrected this problem for me: they improved my complexion, balanced my skin, and my face felt and looked moisturized. In summer, I cannot live without oil cleansing. In the Autumn- winter months, however, I prefer to apply whipped skin & hair food to my face daily. Your skin needs will change according to the seasons. In preparation for the coming week, I schedule time each weekend to steam, scrub, and apply a mask to my face. Skincare has now become a priority in my life, since I believe it plays a major role in self-love. My skin has become significantly less clogged, resulting in fewer spots due to wearing less make-up. Knowing your skin type and a consistent skin routine can save you in the long run, less skin issues like deep wrinkles, spots, blackheads, large pores, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Keeping your skin in good condition boosts skin confidence, tighter, brighter skin with a consistent skincare routine.

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