Skin routines

What’s your skin type?

At the bare minimum, cleanse, tone, moisturise daily, scrub and mask once a week. A consistent routine is everything when it comes to glowing healthy skin. Just remember, when it comes to the best skin care products its the one you use most that works for your skin’s ecosystem. Ignore trends, always read ingredients labels even if the semi-unpronounceable words alarm you. What do these words mean and why does it have to be so complicated. Don’t be afraid to become an ingredient detective, – when in doubt, look it up! Ingredients are listed by those in the greatest amounts first, with the rest following in descending order.

All skin types are different. Understanding and getting to know your skin type or type’s, this is the most important thing you can do for your skin. , it’s important to note that you can have more than one type that will change over time and through different seasons. If you’re unaware or misinformed, you could compromise your skin’s natural balance and trigger irritation, break-out even premature aging. As your skins needs shifts with age, so will your products.

As much as we wish and want an instant fix. Give it time. It takes more than an expensive face serums to achieve beautiful glowing skin, you need time to reap the benefits.

I’ll walk you through how I’ve been treating my skin recently. At times I do skip steps usually due to a busy week, but I try my best to do the minimum daily cleanse,tone,moisturise. I cleanse with the tea tree oil cleanser morning and night. Once I tried oil cleansing for the first time I knew I had started to understand my skin’s needs. Oil cleansing make my skin feel fresh, I have no tight dry feeling I normally get when washing with soap; which is just to harsh for my face. Having an oily tea zone I thought the trick would be to dry-out my skin with soap to prevent the over production of sebum. Oh no was I wrong. Cleansing with oil actually help balanced my natural sebum levels. The theory behind oil cleansing is that oil dissolves oil; and is highly recommended for removing make-up, grime and sebum without stripping or upsetting the skin’s natural Ph balance. I tone with a restore elixir (coming soon) i tone my skin as many time as required un-till the pad is clean, this is an important step for me as I use hair products around my hair line and this can be a cause of small puss filled whiteheads across my forehead. Having oily to combination skin, I found when the climate is warmer i was especially greasy looking before the end of the day, no matter what moisturiser i used it just seem to be to much leaving my skin to oily. Not moisturising left my nose and lower cheeks dry and flakey. Oil cleansers solved this issue for me, it brightened my complexion, balanced my skin with no dry areas, my face looks and feels moisturised. Oil cleansing is a must for me in summer months. However in Autumn- winter months my skin appreciates a daily moisturise with whipped skin & hair food. As each season changes so will your skin needs and products. Each weekend i set aside time to have a facial steam, scrub and mask to keep my skin looking its best for the coming week ahead. My skincare routine is now a priority as it plays a major role in self love. It has encouraged me to wear less make-up and significantly reduced my pores from becoming clogged causing spots. Knowing your skin type and a consistent skin routine can save you in the long run, less skin issues like deep wrinkles, spots, blackheads, large pores, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Keeping your skin in good condition boosts skin confidence, tighter, brighter skin with a consistent skincare routine.