Crystal infused skincare

For thousands of years, people have been drawn to crystals and gems for their metaphysical properties. From ancient Egypt to Greece to China, crystals have been incorporated into cultures symbolically, spiritually and energetically. Each crystal has a unique healing or protective purpose. crystal-infused beauty products can even be used to enhance and rejuvenate the physical and energetic body, as well as the special energy they bring. They offer energetic benefits whether or not you believe in the energy power of crystals, if it makes you feel happy and brings you a little joy, we consider it a positive energy win. Crystals are used in multiple forms of technology, such as watches, mobile phones, and medical ultrasounds to transmit energy. They’re believed to amplify the effects of other ingredients. Crystals vibrate at a higher frequency than the human body, which helps to drive ingredients such as botanicals, ceramides and peptides towards our weaker cells; Water is another great conductor which also amplifies the frequency of crystals. We are constantly surrounded by technology, phones, laptops, television, computers,wi-fi and the list goes on and on. Shungite has a reputation of being able to absorb and neutralize negative energies. The results of Earth Beauty Exfoliating polish, Skin that is nourished, looking more youthful, enhancing general feelings of wellbeing., balancing mind, body and soul. Crystal body exfoliating polish is a nourishing body scrub enriched with crushed crystals, to improve skin texture and preserve youthful-looking skin. Containing a cocktail of skin loving ingredients to rejuvenate cells and clear dead skin cells. Crushed gemstones have been infused to help you maintain a high vibration as well as the benefits of each crystal. Suitable for all skin types. Crystals have long been used to enhance general feelings of wellbeing, but in more recent times crystal infused skincare has taken center stage. Crushed or ground crystals are being added to natural skincare, makeup and even fragrances with the theory that they infuse these formulas with positive energies. Crystal infused skincare is not vanishing from the beauty industry anytime soon.

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