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 The founder of Earth Beauty Products Samantha is passionate about the natural world and its environment, she has created Earth Beauty to help people feel more confident in their skin. The market still lacks products that work for all skin types and tones.  In 2019, we launched skin and hair food specially formulated for my son, who suffers from sensitive skin, which addresses a wide range of skin ailments. Everything from sensitive skin, stretched baby bumps, nappy rash, cradle cap, flaky dry skin, to eczema and psoriasis can be treated by us. As part of our multi-use skincare collection, we aim to uplift, heal, and promote self-love routines to help you understand our cells have the ability to heal themselves. Additionally, they are earth-sourced, natural, and free of harmful substances. As the manufacturer of Earth Beauty Products, Samantha wanted to ensure that they were inclusive of all skin types, all shades, all personalities, all cultures, and all races. In creating the brand, I had this in mind.

CEO Samantha
Spa and Wellness
Brand Ethos

Sustainable living. Minimise Earth's resources and reduce the damage caused by human and environmental interaction.

Recycle, Refill, upcycle. As a clean beauty brand, offering a refill service is our small contribution to the environment.  The switch to refillable beauty products is certainly a step towards better sustainability

Transparency. Glass Packaging. In addition to looking beautiful on your bathroom shelf, you can also see the authentic product.

Ingredients. A product that respects your skin's natural ecosystem. Earth- and skin-friendly. When choosing ingredients, we strip away everything not necessary in order to determine what's useful.


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