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Feeling energetically heavy or blocked, weighted down, mentally blocked, creativity shift, sexually off, or just feel you need to purge and release? Purification bomb have been created for mental and spiritual cleansing a form of energetic healing. It’s a way of looking at our problems and tackling them from a different angle. Everthing is energy, if you have ever felt a strong positive or negative vibe from people, places or things, you are receiving that energy and if you allow it to remain in your energy field, it can adversely affect you. Much of this happens subconsciously.

Fill your tub with healing and clarity, Clear Quartz Purification Bomb. Clear quartz is one of the most powerful self cleansing crystal's absorbing subtle negative energies, imbalances and psychic debris, removing them on our behalf, purifying the energetic body, revitalising the aura and uplifting your spirit. Using powerful ingredients that charge the bath water with healing vibrational leaving you feeling more present, and in an extremely positive state of mind. Natural Pink Himalayan salt is another powerful ingredient to release any kind of negative energies, thoughts and feelings that are coursing any blockages.
Crushed Clear Quartz
Clear Quarts Crystal point
Pink Himalayan Salt
Critic Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Cream Of Tar Tar
(Aqua) water
Tea Tree & Lemon Essentail Oils

How to prepare a purification bath? 
.Set a mental intention that this time and space is totally yours and you will not be disturbed. 
.Take a quick shower and clean yourself first. No other cleansing agents should be included in this ritual. The focus is cleansing the mind and spirit
.Fill the bathtub.
.Burn Sage or Palo Santo, to purify your space. Light some candles or play some soothing music, anything that will relax your mind into a calm, meditative state. Release the tensions of the day, and focus on just enjoying yourself.
.Step into the bath and soak for about 10-20 minutes, placing your purifcation bomb into the water whenever you feel guided too. As you relax in the water, clear your mind of all unwelcome thoughts and focus on your intention. let go of all stress and negativity. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself.
.Intentional bathing is strong and powerful therefore you should not overdo them. Once a month should be more than sufficient to start with. For heightened energy take your bath 3 days before or after a full and new moon. Your inner guidance will let you know if you need more.

Purification Bomb