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But... What is self-love

Hugging myself while watching my favorite shows and eating my favorite food...

Perhaps that's what it is for you. Each of us has our own version of what self-love means to us because each of us takes care of ourselves differently. It is imperative that we take care of our mental health in these unprecedented times, and self-acceptance is also very important.

Although these two concepts are closely related, there is a difference between them. A person who accepts themselves unconditionally accepts their good, bad, and ugly aspects. The first step in loving ourselves is to identify the parts of ourselves we deem ugly. What do you not like about yourself? In order to embrace ourselves wholeheartedly, we must stop judging ourselves harshly, and the moment we do this, our self-esteem will also increase. You will be happier if you accept yourself more. It is only possible to love ourselves as much as we believe we deserve.

It is also helpful to look back at our childhood in order to really dive deep into self-acceptance. As a child, what beliefs did your parents condition you with about yourself? Was the message communicated that you were accepted? How did they make you feel? Do you remember how you reacted?

The way we were parented is the way we parent ourselves. If you were ignored, punished, or taken well care of, we will find ways to continue with this self-indignity.

In general, people who are more self-loving are more aware of what they want, feel, and think. Making decisions based on your needs rather than your wants. Breaking the patterns that tend to self-sabotage or keep you stuck in the past. The conscious effect must be made to make room for healthy habits daily.

So what does self-love mean to you?

Considering yourself with a great deal of kindness and respect since you weren't given those qualities as a child.

Putting yourself first because you were ignored.

Silencing negative self-talk and giving yourself space from being judgemental.

Keeping your own standards instead of pleasing others.

Having healthy boundaries and clear expectations of ourselves and others requires self-awareness.

By forgiving yourself, you are separating yourself from who you are and the mistakes you have made.

The word self-love can also be translated as "care for oneself"

Listening to your body.

Eating healthy and exercising.

Taking a break from work to walk in nature and ground yourself.

Phone/ social media break

A treat day whether that is a spa, favorite meal, shopping, gift to self, salt bath, new hair, holiday, family day, facial, or just pure relaxation at home.

Being self-loving means accepting yourself as you are in the moment and honoring your emotions. Taking care of one's physical health. Putting your mental health first. Don't forget to check in on your spiritual health as well. Nurturing one's well-being can only be achieved by motivating oneself to make healthy choices.

Embrace the process of healing from within by being kind, compassionate, patient, and gentle to yourself.

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