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Earth Beauty Skincare Workshops

Now Is Your Time!
Whether you are looking to indulge in the benefits of natural skincare or you simply wish to learn how to make your own products, we offer a variety of workshops that will allow you to tailor ingredients to your requirements and enjoy a fun time with your friends. 

With the support and guidance you need to create your perfect products, so you can feel confident and empowered in your skin. Have you ever wondered what factors may be affecting your skin that you're not aware of? Are you interested in learning how to make skincare for your family and embarking on a natural skincare journey? 

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Get your ticket now! 
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 In this 2.5-hour workshop, you'll begin with an introduction from the course host,  you'll have ample opportunity to explore a variety of essential oil, colors, and dried flower options, so you can create the perfect bath-time scent for you. The workshop will cover optional botanical ingredients and decorative elements (such as petals, herbs, powders, salts, dried flowers, herbs, minerals, and clays) that can be incorporated into your products, as well as how to add beautiful vibrant color to your bath bombs. 


As a result of this workshop, you will go home with two bath bombs, a body scrub, and a 250g pouch of bath salts, as well as a goody bag.

No prior experience is necessary for this workshop, which is perfect for beginners. There is no age restriction, but it is even more fun if you do it with friends or family! 


Important information

Some colorants may stain clothes, so please choose your clothing accordingly. 

Throughout the workshop, a light lunch and refreshments are provided.

When booking, please let the course coordinator know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements. In this way, substitutions can be made wherever possible. It is important to discuss any severe allergies, even if they seem unrelated.


During the making process, you will need to wear gloves and aprons. If you have any cuts, grazes, or other wounds, it is recommended to cover them with plasters or other coverings.



The workshop will be held at The legacy center 

The business suit

144 Potters Lane 


B6 44U


On-site parking is available

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Saturday, May 6th, 2023 

Choose your time slot  upon booking 11am or 2pm

What's included

Throughout a series of workshops, I will empower you with the skills and knowledge to create your very own skincare products. It is important to maintain a good skincare regimen to keep your skin healthy. With natural skincare, I want to empower my clients to transform their lives. Making natural cosmetics with plants, flowers, and herbs is an amazing, empowering skill that anyone can learn. We'll work together to help you become a formulator.

Manage your own skincare to suit your needs. We are a community of women, embracing natural beauty, wellness, and confidence-building. 

Learn how to formulate luxury natural skin care products that feature the finest botanical cold-pressed oils, rich exotic butters, fragrant flower waters, sun-dried clays, all-natural waxes, and essential oils of the most exquisite quality. Blend essential oils, flowers, seeds, and plant extracts to create your at home spa experience.


Looking for natural skincare products that are tailored to your skin type?

Would you like your loved one to try a natural alternative for their skin condition?

Are you interested in learning more about DIY skincare products?

Do you want to know more about the ingredients in your skincare?

Would you like some guidance when it comes to your skincare?

Are your skincare products no longer working for you?

You can benefit from skincare workshops if you would rather not go it alone in learning about ingredients, formulations, and self-care.


What if you rewrote your story? Here's how I want to help.
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Get you out of your own way and become that confident, empowered woman.

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Throughout your skin journey, we create skincare products together for you so that you acquire knowledge about your skin condition and can manage it.  

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Work together to transform your habits so we can improve your lifestyle and you move forward happier.

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Get the results you truly deserve by aligning your confidence with all aspects of your life.

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